Why Investors Should Allow Pets

You might not be a 'pet person,' but your next resident could be! Even if you prefer to keep your home animal-free, many renters love their animals—and need a place to live that allows pets. 

When you choose to accept renters with pets, you broaden your pool of high-quality renters in the DMV area. In most cases, pet owners:

  • Take good care of their pets (and your property)
  • Follow the rules in the lease to keep their pet
  • Renew their lease for another term
  • Are very responsible.

As an expert in NoVA property management, we know that rental homes that allow pets can be challenging for renters to find.

When renters do find a home that lets them keep their beloved animals, they work hard to be excellent, long-term residents. Instead of trying to find another rental after their lease ends, these pet-owning renters will often opt to stay in your rental for another lease term!

When you allow pets in your single-family homes and multi-family investment properties, you'll find better options for excellent renters who stay longer. Placing quality renters who renew their leases is one of the best ways to maximize your investment income! 

However, allowing pets doesn't mean you have to let every animal into your home. Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA helps investors put protocols in place to protect your property and income. 


Plan for Pets—and Success!

Much like you practice excellent tenant screening protocol before allowing new residents to move into your property, it's critical to screen pets before allowing them into your DMV rental properties. Investors also need policies in place to help pet owners understand the rules of keeping a pet on the premises.

Our team understands how important pets can be for your residents, and we also know how to protect your property when choosing a renter who has a pet. That's why we can offer our Pet Damage Guarantee to property owners in the DMV!

When something goes wrong, we'll make it right—but we do everything we can to make sure things go right from the start with a renter and their pet.

Pet Policies and Screening Protect Your Investments

We are very selective when placing a pet in your rental property. A renter could pass our screening process, but if their pet doesn't meet your criteria, we won't place them in your rental homes!

While we always follow the law when screening potential renters (and their pets), we'll never compromise our high standards as your DC property management team during renter selection. Our thorough screening process protects property owners from bad renters who don't pay the rent, won't follow the rules, and cause damage to your properties.

The same approach applies when screening pets. Before we allow an animal to live in your rental, we:

  • Work with you to determine the criteria for pets you will allow in your properties
  • Document pet policies for pet owners to follow
  • Create a pet addendum to accompany the lease agreement
  • Determine the pet fee amount (in addition to the security deposit).

Our screening process includes checking vet records, setting a maximum pet weight limit, defining the types of animals or breeds allowed in your property, and confirming that pets are healthy, trained, and without a history of aggression. 

When we have a plan in place to choose the best pets (and owners) to be your next residents, we get the word out! Your property listing should include the details about allowing pets and the requirements for qualifying to live in your property. When potential renters know they can apply for your property with their beloved companion, you'll have plenty of excellent applicants knocking on your door!


We Offer Protection and Peace of Mind

The wrong pets don't belong in your rental homes! However, even excellent pets and pet owners make mistakes sometimes. We stand by our screening process and commitment to protecting your investments! Our Pet Damage Guarantee means that investors can allow pets with confidence—and without worry. Here's how it works!

The Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA Pet Damage Guarantee

Allowing pets into your DMV rental properties can be lucrative for property owners. When you work with Renters Warehouse, we shelter your income—and your properties—from pet-related damage with our Pet Damage Guarantee!

Our Leasing Team at Renters Warehouse knows that pet owners can boost your income—but we also understand the risk involved with allowing pets into your property.

  • Even the best pets can misbehave and cause damage inside or outside of your property. However, we never want our property owners to feel like we put their properties (or income) at risk by choosing renters with pets!
  • With our Pet Damage Guarantee, if we approve a pet that causes damage to your property, we take care of the damage and work with the renter to ensure that it never happens again.
  • Our Pet Damage Guarantee covers up to $2,000 in pet damage costs. When you choose Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA, you can trust us with your property assets and income! 

The Best in the Business Guarantee Their Services

No matter where your investment properties are located in the DMV, they're in excellent hands when you choose to rely on the Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA Leasing Team!

Pets can be a fantastic benefit to your bottom line. Still, without the right screening process and guarantees, investors can't have confidence in a property manager to protect their properties. 

We believe in our renter and pet screening processes to make sure we choose only the best residents and animals to live in your properties! With our Pet Damage Guarantee, investors can trust that a pet in your rental homes will come with an excellent renter who takes good care of your rental. If something goes wrong, we make it right! 

Don't risk your investments or your income with 'just any' property management company! Let the Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA team help you make more money and keep your assets safe.

Contact us to learn more about our Pet Damage Guarantee and property management services!


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I don’t know where to start, Marc Perez and Roberto were extremely professional. I was very impressed at how smooth things went. Any questions I had they were on top of it, making sure I understood the process. IM ALSO HAPPY WITH MY NEW HOME!!!

Renee Kasey

Dec 15, 2019

Pretty much from start to finish, my experience with Edward Kim has been stellar. On every turn, Eddie patiently, quickly and efficiently walked through landing the tenant to what turned out to be a tad tedious process on the back end, yet successful in closing the deal. Thank you Eddie!

Jeanette Corley

Sep 26, 2019

Glenn did a absolutely fantastic job assigning me with my rental very professional will refer him for future assistance with family and FRIENDS

Danielle Richardson

Jul 19, 2019

Glenn at Renters Warehouse was amazing to work with and the experience was nothing short of outstanding! Very professional, tailored experience!

Iain Davison

Jul 10, 2019

Loved working with Eddie Kim during our home rental process. Eddie is professional, knowledgeable and comes fully prepared for all interactions. 100% will use Eddie again.

Aleksia Ilic Forster

Jul 05, 2019

Moved to DC area from Brooklyn and Ricardo made the process so easy. He listened to what I needed and understood what I was looking for. Great experience all around.

Kimberly Sanchez

Jul 22, 2019

Marc Perez was extremely helpful in the entire lease-signing to move-in process, from start to finish! He went above and beyond to make the process easier for us. 100% would recommend him and Renters Warehouse!

Alix Welch

Jun 28, 2019

I got transferred from S.C. to the area and was looking for a place to rent. I found Renters Warehouse and they were great. My agent was Glenn Jones and he did an outstanding job and made me feel very comfortable. It was an easy process and I love my new place.

Chris Swygert

Jun 24, 2019

I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Tasia. She is very professional and knowledgeable. She got my family into the perfect rental within a week. She goes above and beyond to ensure that you are satisfied with your rental

Rhonda Moore

Jun 20, 2019

Great job by Glenn, even while he helped his wife welcome their firstborn baby. Glenn found some wonderful tenants for my apartment.

Suzanne Tilton

Jun 13, 2019

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