In historic Manassas seated within Prince William County, real estate investors can find plenty of opportunities to grow their portfolios. This area offers various housing options to build a diversified collection of single-family homes, townhomes, duplexes, and apartments. 

  • As the site of several key American Civil War battles, residents appreciate the historic reputation of this community while living close enough to Washington DC to commute for work.
  • The city of Manassas has a suburban feel that allows for a quiet home life for families and young professionals who spend the workweek commuting to the district for jobs.
  • About 35% of the 41,000 residents rent their homes in this area. For real estate investors, that statistic presents ample opportunity to own rental properties in an in-demand market.
  • You'll want the best property management in Prince William County to care for your renters and rentals.

Here's how the Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA team helps investors benefit from rental properties in this area with our expert property management services. 

Invest From Anywhere

It's common for real estate investors to buy rental properties in Manassas without living nearby. When you find an excellent investment market, no matter where you live, purchasing properties is a smart way to grow your long-term wealth—as long as you partner with the best local property manager to handle every detail for you. 

Skilled property management in Manassas checks off every box.

  • We help find the best local properties to add to your portfolio, then manage them to maximum profitability.
  • Long-distance investors don't have to make expensive trips to this community to deal with maintenance, upgrades, renter issues, rent collection.
  • Your property manager does everything for you, including making sure you get paid every month—while you rake in the rewards of their hard work on your behalf.

Trust Local Experts to Support Your Success

Even if you live in the Prince William County area or nearby DC, there's no need to manage your own rental properties. Whether you own one property or several, making money from your investments is a full-time job—if you want to get the most income from your rentals. 

Partnering with the right full-service property management expert means you can focus on the things you love most, including your family, friends, career, and whatever you love to do in your free time. Owning one property in this community is the beginning of more investment income for you—but you might not want to stop with one! 

The best property manager markets your rental, finds high-quality residents, and handles every task to make sure you enjoy the income you need from your investments. When you don't have to do the work, the enjoyment of rental income is hands-free.

We Choose the Best Renters

Good renters and bad renters can look the same on paper. Without a thorough tenant screening process, it's challenging to see red flags that should tell us that a potential renter is not a good fit for your properties. 

When choosing rental residents for your Prince William County properties, a property manager takes the guesswork out of the process while also following the law to protect your investments. To qualify for your rental properties, we conduct an extensive background screening, including: 

  • Confirming a legal ID
  • Credit score and history
  • Employment and income verification
  • Criminal history
  • Prior rental history, including evictions or defaults
  • Pet screening (for pet-friendly properties).

You don't make money with an empty property—but you can lose even more money by allowing a bad resident into your rentals. Our strategy and process help reduce the amount of time your properties stay empty while placing only the best quality renters who qualify through our tenant screening process.

Better renters help investors make more money! Our expertise in property management in Prince William County helps investors benefit from quality renters, and our superior resident management leads to higher renewal rates. 

We 'Wow' With Expert, Routine Maintenance

Have you ever thought about how you can 'wow' your renters with rental property maintenance services? It might not seem like an impressive or brag-worthy part of owning rental properties, but with the right approach, your maintenance services can attract (and retain) more renters. 

  • Manassas renters look for rental homes that offer professional maintenance services.
  • When you partner with the right local property manager, their maintenance offerings can help your properties stand out from the competition.

It's not all about how your property looks (although that's important). Professional maintenance services do more for you than simply keep the front of your rentals looking nice with excellent curb appeal. 

Investors prefer expert rental property maintenance services because:

  • Well-maintained rental properties sustain excellent property values 
  • Quick, accurate repairs reduce maintenance costs
  • Scheduled property inspections catch small maintenance issues before they grow
  • Renters appreciate prompt responses to maintenance requests
  • Someone else handles late-night and after-hours emergencies.

With a property manager, you'll never have to answer a midnight maintenance emergency call again! Plus, your renters will appreciate:

  • Highly-quality rental homes that stand out from other Manassas properties
  • Prompt responses to requests or emergencies—24/7
  • Quick, thorough repairs that solve maintenance issues
  • Safe, vetted contractors performing work in your rentals
  • High-quality homes that are worth the monthly rent prices.

As experts in property management in Manassas, we can't overstate the importance of professional maintenance services to boost your real estate investment success! When our Rent Estate™ Advisors take care of your properties, you'll experience superior ROI and happier residents. 

We Market Your Rentals for Success

How do we tell your ideal renters about your properties? Before we can choose the best residents and impress them with our maintenance services, we have to get the word out about your Prince William County rental homes.

  • The right renter won't walk in your front door if they don't know your property is available for rent.
  • Even with a sign in the yard or a post on social media, you risk attracting the wrong renters without an effective marketing strategy.
  • You need to target your ideal residents and maximize the monthly rent amount!
  • If you're not reaching the right audience, your property can sit empty for weeks (or months) before a high-quality renter shows up. 

With the right property management in Prince William County handling your rentals, you don't have to worry about getting the word out. We market every property effectively to minimize vacancy times and deliver plenty of potential renters to make sure we choose the best one! 

  • Our Rent Estate™ Advisors start with a rental analysis to see how your property competes in the market and determine your bullseye rental price.
  • With that information in hand, we create a compelling property listing and take professional photos.
  • Then, we list your property on every major rental search site to spread the word and attract your best new resident. 

Don't Miss Out on Rental Income in Prince William County!

Real estate investors can't afford to miss out on the excellent rental market in Prince William County. However, choosing investment properties in this area isn't an automatic guarantee of success. 

Let the experts of property management in Prince William County at Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA handle every aspect of your rental properties to maximize your income and support your long-term financial goals. Whether you live in the area or anywhere else in the country, our team is here to boost your real estate investment success! Contact us to learn more about our expert services and how we can help you grow.

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I don’t know where to start, Marc Perez and Roberto were extremely professional. I was very impressed at how smooth things went. Any questions I had they were on top of it, making sure I understood the process. IM ALSO HAPPY WITH MY NEW HOME!!!

Renee Kasey

Dec 15, 2019

Glenn did a absolutely fantastic job assigning me with my rental very professional will refer him for future assistance with family and FRIENDS

Danielle Richardson

Jul 19, 2019

Pretty much from start to finish, my experience with Edward Kim has been stellar. On every turn, Eddie patiently, quickly and efficiently walked through landing the tenant to what turned out to be a tad tedious process on the back end, yet successful in closing the deal. Thank you Eddie!

Jeanette Corley

Sep 26, 2019

Glenn at Renters Warehouse was amazing to work with and the experience was nothing short of outstanding! Very professional, tailored experience!

Iain Davison

Jul 10, 2019

Loved working with Eddie Kim during our home rental process. Eddie is professional, knowledgeable and comes fully prepared for all interactions. 100% will use Eddie again.

Aleksia Ilic Forster

Jul 05, 2019

Moved to DC area from Brooklyn and Ricardo made the process so easy. He listened to what I needed and understood what I was looking for. Great experience all around.

Kimberly Sanchez

Jul 22, 2019

Marc Perez was extremely helpful in the entire lease-signing to move-in process, from start to finish! He went above and beyond to make the process easier for us. 100% would recommend him and Renters Warehouse!

Alix Welch

Jun 28, 2019

I got transferred from S.C. to the area and was looking for a place to rent. I found Renters Warehouse and they were great. My agent was Glenn Jones and he did an outstanding job and made me feel very comfortable. It was an easy process and I love my new place.

Chris Swygert

Jun 24, 2019

I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Tasia. She is very professional and knowledgeable. She got my family into the perfect rental within a week. She goes above and beyond to ensure that you are satisfied with your rental

Rhonda Moore

Jun 20, 2019

Great job by Glenn, even while he helped his wife welcome their firstborn baby. Glenn found some wonderful tenants for my apartment.

Suzanne Tilton

Jun 13, 2019

I don’t know where to start, Marc Perez and Roberto were extremely professional. I was very impressed at how smooth things went. Any questions I had they were on top of it, making sure I understood the process. IM ALSO HAPPY WITH MY NEW HOME!!!

Renee Kasey

Dec 15, 2019

Linda Rhoades from accounting assisted me with coordinating and collecting late payments throughout this 2021-2022 lease. She responded quickly to calls and emails and communicated efficiently with the tenant to resolve late payments to prevent eviction. It's such a relief to have professional management to handle late rent collections month after month.

Nathaniel Mitchell

Feb 09, 2021

Easy to work with and very responsive!

Ricardo Servin has been great with communicating with College Hunks on specifics of the jobs we go out to. We look forward to our partnership.

Bridget Tran

Feb 05, 2021


Reached out to renters warehouse to manage my property due to their fair rate and Chris Cunningham was able to visit my property to do a walk through next day. Once signing their agreement I worked primarily with Roger to receive updates and details about prospective tenants. It was December and I had limited choices but Roger heard my concerns and worked to ensure I found a tenant that met my criteria. I look forward to continuing my relationship with renters warehouse for years to come.

Mahelet Tilaye

Feb 10, 2021

Recently I had needed to tour a property I am interested in with Renters Warehouse. Within 24 hours of my request, a very professional and pleasant gentlemen by the name of Jemsey Mairena reached out to me to assist me with arranging my tour. Jemsy made me feel reassured with with how would be arranging my tour. Also he setup the tour for me to go very smooth for me to enter the property, and made me feel welcome to reach out to him if I had any questions or concerns regarding the property. It is people like Jemsy Mairena at Renters Warehouse that makes a person like myself feel encouraged to go to the next level which is going through with the renters process. He just made me feel like I would be in good hands.

Ogreita Phillips

Feb 02, 2021

I had the great fortune of being helped by Renters Warehouse Washington D.C. which is the premier leasing and property Management Company in the greater District of Columbia area, to identify the right tenants for my rental property.
Renters Warehouse Washington D.C. proved themselves to be great to work with. They were honest and affable. They provided me with great guidelines and advice, and took my best interest to heart. Their manager, Mr. Chris Cunningham, had the knowledge and expertise to help me, provided me with a detailed comparative market rental analysis of my house. Mr. Cunningham and Renters Warehouse Company ensured that I am happy: They did a thorough background of each tenant who wanted to rent my house, making sure that my tenants are the right people, including to ensure that prospective tenants were able to afford renting my property and pay the rents.
Mr. Cunningham was put together and well-spoken in a way that I was certain a prospective tenant would want to rent a home from him. He engaged with prospective tenants in emotionally intelligent ways that compel them to share their background, their financial status, etc., creating an environment of trust. Mr. Cunningham was extremely effective at client relationship development and communication. He brought a unique enthusiasm, balanced with a structured, plan-oriented approach that sets a foundation for success. He stayed focused, for example the manager knew how he would deal with a delinquent tenant, what their eviction proceedings were, and explained their process in detail.
There were no marketing fees and no upfront fees. Renters Warehouse Washington D.C. helped me turn my home into a Rent Estate in just a very short time.
Based on my experience/evidence, and outcomes for my rental property, I believe Renters Warehouse Washington D.C. / Mr. Cunningham is a stellar firm with a very high ethical standard. They are very caring people that see things from a big picture perspective. With remarkable consciousness and deep concern for their clients’ wellbeing, they are reliable and truthful, always professional and give 110% all the time. Creative, competent, and a pleasure to work with, a wonderful American Firm, with exceptional managers such as Mr. Cunningham, Renters Warehouse Washington D.C. is a real asset to our community.
Renters Warehouse Washington D.C., the premier leasing and property management company, is a consummate professional firm with remarkable skills in identifying what is needed to get processes unstuck and moving toward perfectly serving everyday homeowners and investors who lease their home or property with total confidence.
I recommend Renters Warehouse Washington D.C. / Mr. Cunningham highly as a professional firm and manager with a great ability to develop best strategies, and reaching out to all who want to lease their home or property and even to solve the most challenging rental situations with integrity.
Simin S. Wong, M.P.H., Ph.D.
Public Health Team Leader Maxwell Stamp LLC

Simin Wong (Doctor)

Jan 25, 2021

I recently moved out of state and the lease on my condo was coming to an end. After searching online for reliable real estate agents, I reached out to Renters Warehouse. I got the opportunity to work with Chris C. and he did such an amazing job from the beginning to end. He was always accessible, provided real time information, and leveraged his network to get the home leased within days. He also helped manage the interactions between existing tenants and their move-out process and home showings. It was a challenge and Chris took care of everything making sure I was taken care of. I would highly recommend Chris C. and I plan to use Renters Warehouse for all future properties.


Jan 11, 2021

An acquaintance referred me to Renters Warehouse. I reached out to them at the beginning of December, and because of their responsiveness and high touch, they were able to get things turned around very quickly! We had a high quality renter signed and everything in place less than two weeks from me reaching out to RW! Special thanks to Chris Cunningham (B.D.) and Roger Andrade (Property Manager) for the support and quick turnaround!

Francisco Tourreilles

Jan 09, 2021

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