Owning rental properties in Northern Virginia and the DC area should be a simple way for investors to build long-term wealth. However, if you're doing it on your own, you know that managing rental properties and renters is not an easy task—and rarely simple!

Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA believes that by providing best-in-class property management services to investors, we can make it simple for you. When we take on the heavy lifting, handle the details, navigate changing laws, manage residents, and handle maintenance and repairs, you don't have to do anything but get paid every month with our reliable rent collection. Real estate investing doesn't get much simpler than that—but it can get better.

Can real estate investors take advantage of full-service property management, experience more income, and benefit from guarantees that reduce the risks of rental property? Yes! Keep reading to learn more about our Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA Guarantees—and how we make it simple and profitable to choose us as your best-in-class DC property management partner.

We Protect Your Income With Rent Default Insurance

We Protect Your Income With Rent Default Insurance

Even with the best property management services put to work for your portfolio, renters have a mind of their own or financial difficulties that they can't control. When residents stop paying rent, investors lose critical monthly rental income. Any interruption in your income hurts your short-term cash flow and long-term wealth. 

Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA doesn't settle for that happening to any of our Northern Virginia or DC-area property owners—but we know that it does happen sometimes. We work hard to choose quality renters who will pay the rent on time every month, and we apply expert rent collection practices to make sure owners get paid on time. 

However, when a renter can't (or won't) pay the rent, our Rent Default Insurance helps offset the loss of rental income to protect our investors! With this critical protection, property owners:

  • Have protection against loss of rent due to a renter who defaults on rental payment obligations
  • Can benefit from coverage that provides investors with a guarantee on the lease performance (depending on your policy's options)
  • Have peace of mind knowing that even if a renter stops paying rent, your insurance steps in to provide income—so you can pay for your Northern Virginia rental property's taxes, mortgage, or critical maintenance costs.

Investors won't find this kind of coverage through every Northern Virginia property management firm! Still, Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA is proud to offer this insurance protection to property owners who qualify in the DC rental market.

When Does It Apply?

While your Rent Default Insurance won't cover every situation that results in a temporary loss of rental income, it does apply to many common situations, including:

  • A resident's relationship status changes and results in breaking the lease (divorce or break-up)
  • A resident stops paying rent and is evicted from your property
  • Your resident loses a job and can't pay the rent
  • Your renter abandons your property, and you have no way to recover rental payments  
  • Your resident is deployed for military service and must break their lease
  • Your renter passes away mid-lease without an arrangement to continue rental payments.

Many property investors across Northern Virginia and DC deal with these common issues for their single-family homes and multi-family units—but they shouldn't have to suffer income loss for renter situations they can't control. Neither should you.

If any of these issues are recurring challenges for you, let our Northern Virginia property management team help protect you with our Rent Default Insurance option!

We Protect You With Our Certified Tenant Match & Warranty

We Protect You With Our Certified Tenant Match & Warranty

Some income loss situations are a result of poor tenant placement and tenant screening procedures, and result in the wrong renters living in your properties. While our Rent Default Insurance can help with many unexpected situations, preventing risky residents is one of the best ways to ensure consistent monthly rental income!

What's the best way to prevent troublesome renters? Applying a thorough screening process reduces the risk of 'Professional Tenants' moving into your rental before you've made a mistake in your renter selection process.

  • After they move in, bad residents cause property damage and refuse to pay the rent.
  • They're also difficult to remove from your property with eviction law the way it currently operates.

Our goal is to place the highest-quality residents in your rental homes who pay on time every month and complete a lease term without issues. However, even with the best tenant screening process, that doesn't always happen—but we aren't willing to let investors suffer through the consequences of poor placement on our watch! This is just one way we protect you as your Northern Virginia property management team.

We Back Our Renter Selections

We believe in our resident screening process and back our selections with our Certified Tenant Match & Warranty. If we choose a renter that ends a lease early, this warranty kicks in! No matter why a resident needs to leave your rental property, you benefit from our Certified Tenant Warranty. 

Here's how it works:

  • We start with our expert rental property marketing strategy as part of our full-service property management that includes outreach through hundreds of websites. It's a $400/month value! 
  • Through our tenant screening process, we start every new lease agreement with a high-quality tenant placement in your Northern Virginia or DC rental property.
  • If anything goes wrong after a renter moves in, our Certified Tenant Match & Warranty process activates. 

This Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA guarantee means that if a renter defaults for any reason, we provide additional resident placement services for free and back our placements for nine (9) months. We guarantee our work and keep our promises because investors shouldn't stress about a renter living in their property!

Choosing high-quality renters isn't always the easiest path, but it's the right one. We encourage investors to be open to a broad range of potential renters to help us find the best residents—but we never sacrifice on quality. Still, sometimes, the best renters come with pets attached—and as a DC property management expert, we have a guarantee for that, too.

We Protect Pet-Friendly Rentals With Our Pet Damage Guarantee

We Protect Pet-Friendly Rentals With Our Pet Damage Guarantee

Allowing pets in your DC investment properties can be scary. 

  • What if a dog never stops barking and continuously annoys the neighbors? 
  • What if a cat scratches the floors and walls? 
  • What if a fish tank breaks and ruins the flooring from water damage?
  • What if an aggressive dog attacks a child playing in the yard next door?

There are plenty of things that could go wrong when investors allow renters to bring pets into a rental property. However, Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA works hard to ensure everything goes right when investors have a pet-friendly property. We know that pets are never perfect, so we offer a Pet Damage Guarantee if something goes wrong. 

While investors often enjoy better renters when they have pet-friendly properties, we only place renters with pets that meet your criteria and pass our pet-screening process. If a pet causes any damage while in your property, our Pet Damage Guarantee helps take care of repairs.

We Guarantee Excellent Customer Service!

We Guarantee Excellent Customer Service

We never deliver anything less than the best DC property management, and we offer these guarantees to give property owners peace of mind and a hands-free, simpler way to invest! It really is that easy to enjoy Rent Estate™ income from your DC rental properties: let Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA handle the work while you get paid! 

There's no reason to fear lost rental income, bad renters, or damage-dealing pets! We work hard to avoid those issues when you trust us with your investments—and we make it right if something goes wrong on our watch.