We can't guarantee the residents we place in your DC rental properties are kind, thoughtful, or well-mannered people—but we do guarantee the work we put into making sure we find the highest quality renters for each of your high-quality rental properties. 

Personalities don't make or break what we consider an 'excellent' renter. You might not love some of the quirks that come with the people living in your rentals, but if they pay their rent on time, take good care of your property, don't cause problems with neighbors or other renters, and otherwise follow the rules in the lease—they are excellent residents! 

We believe that property investors shouldn't suffer income loss as a result of a resident that we chose to live in your property. At Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA, we promise that every renter we choose for your property meets our high standards and your criteria. We also guarantee that they don't default on their lease! 

When you choose our team of Rent Estate™ Advisors for your rental property management, DC investors, you tap into our Certified Tenant Match & Warranty Process! How can we even offer warranties on a process like this? Here's how we protect your investment by selecting the best residents for your DC rental properties—and cover you even if a renter doesn't finish a lease term. 

Tenant Screening Is Always a Priority

Successful property investors can never stray from a thorough tenant screening process. Even if times are desperate and you have a property that's been empty for what feels like 'too long,' choosing a renter who hasn't gone through a careful screening to meet your criteria puts your investments (and income) at risk. 

Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA isn't willing to risk your long-term financial success! Our expert DC property managers know that your success can often completely depend on the quality of renters we choose and place in your properties. 

When you trust us with your assets and financial future, we handle your properties with the professional expertise required to make sure we meet your goals! 

Sacrificing Quality Is Never an Option

On average, we sign qualified, quality renters in less than three weeks as your partner in rental property management, DC investors. While we work hard to fill your vacant property as quickly as we can, we'll never sacrifice the quality of a resident to speed up the leasing process. We can't guarantee the best residents for your rentals if we rush through the process or compromise on your criteria for the sake of collecting a rental payment sooner rather than later! 

Our Certified Tenant Match & Warranty Process hinges on our commitment to screening and placing high-quality residents! Every applicant goes through a thorough screening process, including:

  • Credit history
  • Criminal history
  • Reference checks
  • Employment and income verification
  • Prior rental history (including evictions or payment defaults).

We dig into every detail that can help us learn more about a potential resident—while staying within the law. Placing the best residents means protecting your investments by following all fair housing regulations and DC property management best practices. Anything less than that puts your income and financial future at risk—and we're not okay with that. 

Caring For Your Renters Builds Better Relationships

After we find the best renters for your properties, we don't stop there! Resident management is an ongoing effort by our Rent Estate™ Advisors to make sure your renters are happy and safe in your properties. Happy renters stay longer, and that's always our goal when choosing and managing your residents. 

It Starts With Inspections and Maintenance

How do property inspections make renters happy? Aren't inspections an annoyance? If a renter ever asks to skip an inspection, chances are they have something to hide in your rental!

Routine property inspections help us keep an eye on the condition of your rentals. High-quality residents appreciate professional rental property management, DC investors.

  • We take the time to be onsite, look for potential maintenance issues, then make thorough repairs before they become a significant problem.
  • We also keep up with seasonal maintenance to help your properties and renters stay safe year-round!

Inspections also help us keep an eye on your residents. Are they following the rules of the lease agreement and caring for your property? If not, we work with renters to make sure they comply. If a resident continues to be a problem in your property, property investors don't have to worry! Our Certified Tenant Warranty kicks in.

Appreciation Goes a Long Way

Our DC property management experts also make sure your renters feel valued. They're more than just a monthly rent payment check: your residents make it possible to build your long-term wealth—passively. 

From finding ways to thank your renters for paying the rent on time and taking excellent care of your property, to encouraging your best renters to renew their lease for another term, we do our best to show appreciation for your residents. 

Keeping excellent renters in your properties is one of the best ways to make sure you meet your long-term financial goals! However, when it's time for a renter to go, we handle that, too. 

Troublesome Residents Hurt Your Returns

Sometimes, bad renters happen despite a careful tenant screening process and every attempt to build a good relationship with them. When that happens, we won't allow a rapidly-declining situation to continue in your property without taking action. 

  • Our Rent Estate™ Advisors stay up-to-date on current DC eviction laws.
  • We handle renter removals according to the legal process, then work quickly to find a new quality resident for your property.
  • When it's time to fill a vacancy that happens before the end of a lease term, property investors have the protection of our Certified Tenant Warranty! 

What Does Our Tenant Warranty Mean?

Our goal is to place the highest quality residents who pay on time every month and complete a lease term without issues; if we choose a renter that ends a lease early, our guarantee kicks in! Whether a renter has to leave due to relocation, a financial issue, or we have to remove a bad resident, property investors benefit from our Certified Tenant Warranty. 

  • Our marketing strategy includes outreach through hundreds of websites (a $400/month value).
  • With the property listing and marketing expertise that you get from our rental property management, DC investors, we start every new lease agreement with a quality resident in your property.
  • If something falls short after that, our Certified Tenant Match & Warranty Process kicks in: If any renter defaults for any reason, we provide additional resident placement services for free and back our placements for nine (9) months.

We stand behind our work and guarantee our resident placements. That means property investors can count on Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA to deliver the best residents for your properties—with no additional renter replacement charges—to find and place a new, qualified renter in your property with a fresh lease term. 

We Minimize Your Risk and Maximize Your Success

Finding the best renters requires a thorough screening process and local industry experience. However, not every renter completes a lease term. Bad renters can't stay, and sometimes a renter has to end a lease early due to unforeseen circumstances. No matter the reason, we won't let a lease default ruin your monthly (and long-term) income. 

Our team of Rent Estate™ Advisors finds you the best-qualified renters for your properties—guaranteed! When choosing the best rental property management, DC investors, let Renters Warehouse DC/NOVA help minimize the risk to your properties and investments while maximizing your financial success! Contact us to learn more about our Certified Tenant Match & Warranty Process—and how we never settle for less than the best residents for your properties!

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I don’t know where to start, Marc Perez and Roberto were extremely professional. I was very impressed at how smooth things went. Any questions I had they were on top of it, making sure I understood the process. IM ALSO HAPPY WITH MY NEW HOME!!!

Renee Kasey

Dec 15, 2019

Pretty much from start to finish, my experience with Edward Kim has been stellar. On every turn, Eddie patiently, quickly and efficiently walked through landing the tenant to what turned out to be a tad tedious process on the back end, yet successful in closing the deal. Thank you Eddie!

Jeanette Corley

Sep 26, 2019

Glenn did a absolutely fantastic job assigning me with my rental very professional will refer him for future assistance with family and FRIENDS

Danielle Richardson

Jul 19, 2019

Glenn at Renters Warehouse was amazing to work with and the experience was nothing short of outstanding! Very professional, tailored experience!

Iain Davison

Jul 10, 2019

Loved working with Eddie Kim during our home rental process. Eddie is professional, knowledgeable and comes fully prepared for all interactions. 100% will use Eddie again.

Aleksia Ilic Forster

Jul 05, 2019

Moved to DC area from Brooklyn and Ricardo made the process so easy. He listened to what I needed and understood what I was looking for. Great experience all around.

Kimberly Sanchez

Jul 22, 2019

Marc Perez was extremely helpful in the entire lease-signing to move-in process, from start to finish! He went above and beyond to make the process easier for us. 100% would recommend him and Renters Warehouse!

Alix Welch

Jun 28, 2019

I got transferred from S.C. to the area and was looking for a place to rent. I found Renters Warehouse and they were great. My agent was Glenn Jones and he did an outstanding job and made me feel very comfortable. It was an easy process and I love my new place.

Chris Swygert

Jun 24, 2019

I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Tasia. She is very professional and knowledgeable. She got my family into the perfect rental within a week. She goes above and beyond to ensure that you are satisfied with your rental

Rhonda Moore

Jun 20, 2019

Great job by Glenn, even while he helped his wife welcome their firstborn baby. Glenn found some wonderful tenants for my apartment.

Suzanne Tilton

Jun 13, 2019

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